Sex Tips Online - Taking forever to come

Here we have offer you again useful sex tips online. One of our readers sent as a question regarding their dating and sex life. Read on and learn what our residence doctor and expert can say about that.

Dear Doc:
I am 22 years old and have been having sex for 3 months now. By sex I mean penetration since I had engaged in other practices such as hand jobs and oral sex before. Additionally, I have been masturbating for years now and I can easily do it 4-5 times a day no problem. When I’m masturbating it usually takes me 5-7 minutes to come…yet, when having sex, it takes forever.. and in the end, my girlfriend is so exhausted that she has to end up giving me a hand job.

It has become so awkward that we’ve lost interest in sex and stick to oral sex and hand jobs since that’s where we end up anyways. I feel something is wrong though and I need orientation.

Dear Reader:
You say you can “no problem” come 4-5 times with masturbation. Let me tell you that evidence proves you wrong with that phrase “no problem”…there actually is a problem, or else we wouldn’t be engaged in this exchange of words. In my professional opinion, you’ve become so accustomed to your hand’s stimulation, that it’s the only way you can have an orgasm…so much so that you say that penetration and oral sex end up in a hand job always if you are to come. Furthermore, you are probably so worn out by the time you engage in sex, that you find it difficult to ejaculate.

My recommendation is that you stop masturbating to that extent, or for now, altogether, to see if it makes a significant difference in your sex life. I predict you will slowly but surely come to enjoy sex much more and come with penetration. If you find it hard to stop masturbating, then there’s definately a problem you’d maybe want to check out with a Psychologist.

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