Dating Tips Online - The “curse” of being single

Here we have offer you again useful dating tips online. One of our readers sent as a question regarding their dating and sex life. Read on and learn what our residence doctor and expert can say about that.

Dear Doctor:
I am a 35-year old woman, who is single; no kids. I am financially independent but owe my independence to a career which has provided me with money and not much satisfaction, on a personal level. I guess that never really mattered but lately my life is getting to me. I think it has more to do with the fact that I still haven’t found the special someone I’ve been hoping for. I always pictured myself married and with children at this point in my life and am starting to feel like there is something which is really wrong with me.

Dear Reader:
Historically, women have been brought up to believe that their worth is tied to having a man by their side. If you can’t “hold down” a man, there must be, something very wrong with your, right? WRONG! Every single person that roams this Earth is worthy simply by being themselves and no other single person can increase or diminish that value. If you are single at 35 it’s because of a combination of circumstances, none of which have to do exclusively with your virtues or defects. So many things need to come together for two people to marry, and sometimes they just don’t.

I would rather focus my attention on that which you can change, so that your present state in life is as fulfilling and happy as it can be. Being single is the perfect moment to make a career change without having to worry about the financial consequences your shift may have. This is the time to build your life so that it becomes exactly what you wish for it to be. Remember, a man should be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself!!

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